Our limited release Vanilla Coffee Porter is a traditional Porter forged from chocolate malts and English Golding hops, this winter seasonal is topped off with roasted coffee and just a hint of vanilla. ABV 6.4% | 25 IBU

  • Aroma

    All the good stuff: chocolate, roasted coffee and vanilla.

  • Pairing

    Best enjoyed with equally robust food like oysters or beef stew.


Our Blood Orange Blonde is built for making big Montana memories. Fresh-squeezed orange notes shine with bright floral hops, and pale 2-row malted barley rounds out this craft beer for a smooth finish to your day. ABV 6.4% | 10 IBU

  • Aroma

    Orange and more orange.

  • Pairing

    Anything smothered in barbecue sauce. Or a long sunset.


Big Sky Country is a fitting backdrop for our Hopical Sky IPA, a juicy, fruity West Coast style IPA, where Simcoe and Eldorado hops just seem to go on forever. ABV 7.2% | 74 IBU

  • Aroma

    Sweet, heady hops mixed with bright citrus.

  • Pairing

    Permission to pair this with any savory, fried comfort food.


It’s time to have a Connipition Wit. Our updated witbier’s malted barley and malted wheat play nice with Crystal hops, orange peel and light caramel malts for a fresh, effervescent pour. ABV 4.3% | 15 IBU

  • Aroma

    Aromas of tropical fruit and pine.

  • Pairing

    Pair this with a spicy dish on a beautiful Montana day.


Our American Pale Ale has gumption. The same kind of gumption it took Julius to raise seven sons and four daughters. Mild sweetness and light caramel malts balance out a one-two punch of Cascade and Citra hops. ABV 5.3% | 33 IBU

  • Aroma

    Floral and citrus on the nose with a sweet, malty background.

  • Pairing

    Serve this up with your favorite grilled meat or a slice of pizza.

Meet Our Head Brewer, Jesse Barta

What is your background / work experience?
I have had many different jobs along the way, from forestry to wetland research to firefighting to home renovations and even some stained glass work. I try to always keep a few things going to keep life interesting, fun and busy.

When did you begin brewing beer?
Our past brewer decided to try out retirement and brought me in to learn the process a couple years ago.

What is your favorite beer to brew?
I would have to say I enjoy brewing the Vanilla Coffee Porter the best. It isn’t a technical exception, but we get to pick up fresh coffee from Ghost Town Coffee Roasters to blend in. And of course, pick up some coffee for the crew while I’m there!

What step in the brewing process do you think is the coolest?
I find the transition from grain to wort very interesting. Nothing more than grain and water can be turned into a fermented beverage that could even render unsafe water drinkable. Maybe not exactly true in our times, but in the past, this was a big deal.

Do you have a favorite Julius beer?
I enjoy the Vanilla Coffee Porter in the wintertime, and in the summer you can’t go wrong with the Blood Orange Blonde.

What do you feel are the three most important things needed to create a quality craft beer?
I think the three most important things would be creativity, flexibility, and maybe acceptance. Creativity to come up with a fresh idea, flexibility to make something work with what you have, and acceptance that sometimes the result of a lot of work needs a second try. Or, if you are lucky, a little work knocks it out of the park!

Outside of brewing, what is your favorite hobby and/or activity?
If I had to pick a favorite, it would be owning vintage snowmobiles. It is a great community. Oftentimes, you will find a part of the machine that is not available and has to be made at home. A challenge that I enjoy. Through old sleds I have met members of the Plaisted Polar Expedition (well worth looking up) whom in 1968 became the first crew to undeniably reach the North Pole via crossing the sea ice. And they did it on a shoestring budget. The door is closed on adventures like that, but I like to think I could have made it had I been around in those times. Or maybe I would have been eaten by a polar bear.