Raise a Pint to (Beer) History
Est. 1895. And 2018.

-Rob Lehrkind, Great Great Grandson of Julius

Perfect Water, Perfect Pint

Julius’ story is a true tale of an American pioneer that’s best told to friends over a beer. It’s the story of a German immigrant who packed up his family in a train heading West, in search of the perfect water to make the perfect pint of beer. When Julius stopped in Bozeman in 1895, and had a sip of Montana’s water, his journey ended.

Photo: The original Julius Lehrkind’s Genuine Lager Brewery, Bozeman, 1898

Creating a Legacy in Montana

Julius quickly set about the hard work of making that perfect pint, and within just a few years, was busy turning out 40,000 barrels of beer a year in his Bozeman Brewery. Now and again he was also known to cause a little ruckus in a local bar, and as the story goes, Julius ended up with a glass eye after one of those bar fights went sideways.

Today, the Lehrkind family is proud to continue the tradition of brewing craft beer just a few blocks from Julius’ original brewery, and try their very best to keep the ruckus to a minimum.

Photo: Julius (pictured left) with family and friends, early 1900s
Julius Lehrkind Circa 1902
Julius Lehrkind, 1902

Our History

1842 Julius is born in Hagen, Germany, where he completes a brewmaster apprenticeship as a teenager.

1860 He stows away on a boat to America and struggles to make a start in a new country.

1893 Through his twenties and thirties, Julius hones his brewing craft and starts a family in Iowa until the state opts in to Prohibition Laws in 1893.

1894 Julius packs his family of twelve, his workers and his brewing equipment on to three rail cars and heads West.

1895 He finds great water and abundant barley in the Gallatin Valley. Julius establishes the original Lehrkind’s Genuine Lager Bozeman Brewery on the North side of Bozeman and builds much of the surrounding neighborhood.

1919 Federal Prohibition laws are passed and the brewery is closed. The Lehrkind family branches out into soda and ice distribution.

1922 Julius dies three years after the passage of Prohibition, which was said to have broken his heart.

2018 Julius Lehrkind Brewing is back for another round in Bozeman, Montana.

The wagon featured in the full Julius Lehrkind Brewing logo is one of the brewery’s original beer barrel wagons. It pays tribute to Bozeman’s beer brewing history which began in 1895 at the original Julius Lehrkind’s Genuine Lager Brewery.

Julius Lehrkind Brewery